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Back in the '80s we were one of the few bands playing punk, hardcore and thrash combined with committed Christian lyrics. Our mission ended in 1991.

20 years later, we were called to get back together to make one more EP, one definitive statement reaffirming the faith and devotion that drove us two decades earlier and drives us, still.

After five years of writing, re-writing, recording editing and overdubbing we're finally close to finishing it.

We've created Studio Pass so you can virtually sit with us in the control room as the project unfolds.

You won't just get the final, finished four tracks (once we finish them), you'll be the first to listen to new mixes from now until we finish as we add the last overdubs. You'll see the tracks grow before your ears in the coming weeks/months.

We're also populating this with five years' worth of rough mixes, videos, outtakes, demos and rehearsals going back to the very beginning in 2011, basically the whole creative process that's going into this record, straight out of our laptops. Prepare for lots of surprises and a lot of material.

Finally, you'll have the chance to preorder the EP on 10" vinyl for only $10. We're excited to partner with Resurrected Vinyl to make this happen. Limited edition, 250 units, with poster sleeve designed by us. It's going to be beautiful. And if it sells out here, it's gone for good.

So join us as we finish the journey. Let's finish it together.

What you get:

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The Lead
Miami, Florida
Christian hardcore punk pioneers of the 1980s, now Christian post-hardcore apostles with a lower case 'a'

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